Saturday, July 30, 2016

Holding hand with strangers in Cuba

(From left to right and top to bottom.)
1. This lady is 94 years old and she is demented. We said "hola" to her and she gave us a such a beautiful smile. She then asked timidly if I could take picture of her and I gladly obliged. When I showed her the pictures, she laughed so happily and her laughter was so infectious. I just love her!
2. My friend and I were taking pictures in front of his house and he came out. I invited him to take picture with me and he posed so naturally. He has a very special nose, as you most probably could see.
3. A vegetable seller (though he sells mostly garlic and onions). We were taking picture of his cart and he came over from the shop. I invited him to take picture with me and he took the sunglasses out from his bag and put them on.
4. Carlos. He owns a cafeteria. He is rather cold person but he did entertain me. I even managed to get a brand new 3 peso notes that features Che Guevara from him. 
5. This (almost toothless) elderly man owns 12 cows and we met him while we were on a cycling trip out of Baracoa town. On the back features the unique flat-top Yunque mountain.
6. DK was taking picture of me while this lady walked past us. She smiled and after a little persuasion (not hard at all!), she joined me.
7. We saw her (beautiful) colourful bangles and asked if she would like to take a picture with me, she agreed. We thanked her and she asked for money. We both shaked our head and thanked her again.
8. This affectionate lady saw us from her house upstairs and asked me to wait as she would like to take picture with me. She came down and we took a picture together. Look how sexily she posed.
9. This elderly lady with gorgeous hair joined me for a picture after we told her she is totally beautiful. Her husband looked on from their home.
All photos by DK.


  1. 我太喜欢古巴人了,他们让我一直很想念古巴。

  2. Dear Cloud, you are still blogging, wow!
    It reminds me of my own blog.
    Hmmm...I need to update it sometime, somehow, maybe.